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We are always immensely grateful to those teachers who are prepared to lead extra-curricular activities and we also realise it can be time-consuming - particularly when you may have a full teaching timetable. 321ski provides comprehensive EVC/Head/SMT ready trip-planning documents, and we guarantee you that 321ski will therefore save you hours of preparartion time in comparison to travelling with one of our competitors. Reclaim your work/life balance!

From our own teacher experiences we recognise that, despite surroundings, leading school ski trips can be a real responsibility.

And that is why we try to make it as easy as possible for you at 321ski.

1. Safety.

Safety will always be our no.1.

In fact we know we go further with our safety practice than others. With the benefit of 321ski office colleagues having a teaching and military background, 321ski offers schools the safety net that we know both teachers and parents appreciate.

Value for money for your school ski trip

For example:

  1. 321ski will never cut costs and put your pupils' safety at risk by flying in British ski instructors for the week. 321ski will only employ local ski instructors that know the mountain in all weathers, based upon years of their personal experience and local upbringing.
  2. Only local ski instructors are part of the resort medical radio network. With the best will in the world non-local instructors can be a risk, no matter how proficient they are in their teaching.
  3. Our school party teachers become a radio subnet of the resort. If there's an issue professional help is always immediately at hand, no matter where you are on the mountain.
  4. More often than not, 321ski will have a vehicle at the bottom of the slopes. This provides ultimate flexibility in times of emergency.
  5. Our school ski trip insurance is considered to be one of the most comprehensive on the market. Peace of mind.
  6. Our risk assessments that are provided to you upon confirmation of booking are based upon years of doing the same trips as teachers.
  7. A senior teacher's eye for each of our trips can't be replicated by other companies' sales staff.

Our professional experience, attention to detail and excellent relationship with our suppliers ensures that your party will always be looked after.

The 321ski Risk Management System (RMS) is a comprehensive journal that is made available to trip leaders at the time of booking.

What we do for teachers

School ski trip in Amade

Empower you with a teacher's local knowledge, not sales talk
Provide all school administration materials
Deliver an all-inclusive package, including pre-departure in-school attendance
Provide access to our online teacher service

Relax - we've got it covered.

why us?

What we do for pupils

school ski trip

Offer you unbeatable value for money
Have your safety as our number one
Keep you busy - up on the slopes and after!
Meet you and your parents at your school prior to departure if required
Make you a better skiier with our experienced instructors
Ensure everything is fun!


2. Complete Peace of Mind - School Travel Forum Membership

At 321ski we are proud to have been audited, examined and subsequently awarded full assured membership of the School Travel Forum. The School Travel Forum is a body of leading school travel providers dedicated to providing high quality school trips.

School Travel Forum

To ensure our health and safety standards are maintained, our systems and procedures are fully audited annually by independent experts. School Travel Forum membership is the benchmark for good school tour providers; consequently it is an Awarding Body for the prestigious Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.

3. Learning Outside of the Classroom

Learning outside the Classroom

The Outdoor Education Advisors Panel (OEAP) endorses the Quality Badge and requests Local Authorities to recommend the use of Badged Providers and require the minimum of additional paperwork where Quality Badge accreditation is in place.

This means that you can book your trip with confidence, meet your due diligence and reduce the amount of External Provider paperwork necessary.

4. Risk Assessments (RMS)

All risk assessments provided

The 321ski Risk Management System (RMS) is a comprehensive journal that is made available to trip leaders at the time of booking.

This encompasses over 30 documents that can be customised and tailored to your school. This is done in electronic format for insertion into EVOLVE, EV1/2/3 or any other trip planning method your school may have.

We have done enough EVOLVEs and risk assessment forms in our time as teachers to know how much time this will save you, and we have worked closely with the EVCs ourselves to know exactly what is required.

Most recently a teacher said it saved her approximately 9 hours of trip planning, and there is no other company that provides this - either for ski trips or any other school trip.

5. Templates

All school templates provided

Why re-invent the wheel?

As teachers you will further receive letter templates, assembly material and all other administration documents that you will need. These have all been successfully used in the state sector as well as private.

These are despatched at the time of confirmed deposits.

All teachers see this as a major benefit, but this is particularly useful for schools embarking on their first ski trip or for teachers leading their first school skiing trip.

6. Inspection visits

inspection visit school ski trip

Group inspection visits are organised annually to a variety of destinations. These are designed to give you a chance to inspect the accommodation and apres-ski programme, as well as test the slopes.

To register your interest please contact us in the first instance.

7. Dedicated Login Area

log in area

At the time of booking you will be provided with a unique login and password to access your dedicated login area. All of your documents will be instantly accessible and updated through this portal making your job much easier!

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