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School Ski Trips: Kit List

Whilst there are variations and new products that we feature on our twitter and facebook feed, there are consistently a recommended list of kit to pack. Note that our school ski trips by coach and school ski trips by air both require roughly the same amount of kit; you are basically limited to one normal sized bag of clothing for both.

You must remember that everything should be packed into one bag or suitcase. You are also allowed one backpack to take onto the coach. Skis, helmets, boots and poles are hired in resort.  Please ensure that clothing and valuables are labelled.


Wearing/Carrying en route to your school ski trip destination

  • Ski Jacket – gloves and ski hat in pockets
  • Shirt
  • Sweater or fleece
  • Jeans
  • Stout shoes or boots
  • Socks and underwear
  • Handkerchief
  • Passport/EHIC – adults only

    Carrying in minibus and on transport en route to your resort

  • Rucksack
  • One packed breakfast & lunch combined
  • Drinks – bottle thrown away at airport
  • Ski Socks
  • A little money (Sterling and Euros)
  • Something to entertain you (e.g. books, magazines, personal music player)
  • Goggles (essential) and Sunglasses (optional) and keeper cord

    In Hold Baggage on ski trip coach or ski trip aircraft

  • Ski Trousers
  • Goggles (essential) and Sunglasses (optional) and keeper cord
  • Sun cream (factor 30 min) & lip salve
  • Layers of clothing for skiing: T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, thermals (top and bottom).
  • Ski socks – 2 pr
  • Comfortable and warm clothing and footwear for evenings and travelling
  • Swimming kit
  • Toiletries and towel
  • Underwear x 2
  • Nightwear/tracksuit
  • Trainers for wearing around the hotel
  • Continental mains adaptor - parents
  • PASSPORT - parents
  • EHIC - parents


  • Please hand in a member of the School Staff

    Download for your school ski trip kit list

    The school ski trip kit list can be downloaded.

    School skiing trip in Bad Gastein
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