School skiing trip in Austria

Why 321Ski for your next School Ski Trip?

All of our schools are massively aware that we are former teachers on school ski trips. We understand your expectations, duties and legal obligations. We are the only the school ski trip provider to be able to say so.

Our schools have consistently given us the following 6 reasons in re-booking with 321ski for their next ski trip:

1. Safety.

Safety will always be our no.1.

In fact we know we go further with our safety practice than others. With the benefit of colleagues having both a teaching and military background 321ski offers schools the safety net that we know both teachers and parents appreciate.

Value for money for your school ski trip

For example:

  1. 321ski only employs local ski instructors. Only these instructors know the mountain in all weathers. Essential peace of mind for trip leaders...
  2. Only ski instructors that are local are part of the resort's medical radio network. Non-local ski instructors do not share this safety umbrella.
  3. Our school ski trip insurance is considered to be one of the most comprehensive on the market. Peace of mind.
  4. Our risk assessments that are provided to you upon confirmation of booking are based upon years of doing the same trips as teachers.
  5. A senior teacher's eye for each of our trips can't be replicated by other companies' sales staff!

Our professional experience, attention to detail and excellent relationship with our suppliers ensures that your party will always be looked after.

The 321ski Risk Management System (RMS) is a comprehensive journal that is made available to trip leaders at the time of booking if requested.

2. Value for money.

Value for money for your school ski trip

In these days of economic downturn it is essential to offer the very best value for money. At the same time 321ski is committed to not sacrificing quality. Therefore we aspire to follow these 321 principles to the right.

321ski continues to offer the best deals on the market today.

3. Designed by Teachers.

All risk assessments provided

All of our trips are designed by colleagues.

In short, all of our trips are designed by teachers, for pupils and teachers. Trip leaders have said this to be incredibly useful when discussing trip planning. We understand your language of EVC, LEA, SMT and SLT, KS...

4. Teachers Pack and Risk Management System.

All risk assessments provided

Our Teachers Pack and Risk Management System are the products of our experiences as lead teachers on identical school ski trips.

321ski provides advice, templates and help to school groups based upon teachers professional standards. We know what's required from day one to completion - and you will directly benefit from our experiences.

5. Our All-Inclusive Packages.

Our SkiEssentials package

All of our packages are designed for school ski trips. Everything is included for a full week away skiing at your chosen resort.

The website 'get a quote' form details exactly what is included. This will give you absolute clarity and transparency.

6. Experience.

Years of experience in school trips

321 has been providing school trips for years. Our Company has been trading for over a decade so you can be sure of experience and financial security.

Our countless teachers and pupils can attest to our attention to detail and personal service that 321ski provides.

School skiing trip in Austria
321Ski - designed by teachers
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