School skiing trip in Austria

Resources and ideas for your School Ski Trip



Many schools fundraise for their school trips, and school ski trips are no exception. These are some of the examples of ideas and strategies to help you:

  1. Supermarket bag packing. Most supermarkets are amenable to pupils approaching them to generate income - particularly if you can link to an educational element within the trip, such as our enrichment lunchtime sessions on our Canada school ski trips in the learning classrooms which actually educates the students on their school ski trips
  2. Carol singing. This tends to do well during the wintry months, which is perfect for school ski trip, and can be also an effective fund raiser. This will also be local to your school no doubt, and easy to arrange. You can draw inspiration from the Xmas markets, such as the ones that our school groups visit in Dec on their school ski trips to Austria
  3. Lemonade stand. Whilst this would be more recognisable to our staff on our school ski trips to USA, this works well at break-time and lunch at school.
  4. Parents night out. Organise a social event for parents, and be dynamic in providing volunteers to babysit. This can be quite relaxed, and can also lead to other fundraiser opportunities.
  5. Battle of the Bands. Always a winner at all levels of the school. Who knows, this could later be recreated down the slalom on your school ski trips


Top Tips for Teachers

We provide a "Trip Leaders for school ski trips" date breakdown sheet and "Top Ten Tips for School Ski Trip Leaders" to help you. We hope you find them useful!

School skiing trip in Austria
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